At Treatd, we’re cultivating a community where members feel safe sharing deeply personal experiences, photos, reviews, and opinions without fear of judgment. We also want you to be able to trust that the information you find here has been posted without bias or a hidden agenda. The Code of Conduct outlines what we expect from you, and what you should expect from others. We reserve the right to modify these guidelines at any time without notification. The Treatd Community consists of consumers, Health Care, Beauty & Wellness Providers and Treatd staff. All community members are treated equally under these guidelines. Treatd does not discriminate based on positive or negative views, or on the basis of race, gender, sexual orientation, gender orientation, disability or status.


  1. Get stuck in. Whatever you have to say, chances are there’s someone out there who will benefit from your personal first-hand experiences, knowledge and opinions. Share them all—good or bad—and include as many facts and details as you can.
  2. Be constructive. If you had a bit of a rubbish experience, tell us why. Be specific about what it was that didn’t hit the spot and not only will other users take you more seriously, but the business or professional involved is much more likely to listen up and improve.
  3. Be courteous. We are a diverse community of people with diverse opinions. Speaking to and about people with respect means that everyone feels free to have their say.
  4. When you see it, call it. If you read a great citizen review or comment on Treatd, give it a thumbs-up. On the other hand, if you see abusive content or material that violates these guidelines, report it via the “report inappropriate content” link.
  5. Speak the Queen’s English. Your contributions are your voice on Treatd, so make sure those smooth, dulcet tones ring out by being as clear, descriptive and typo-free as possible.
  6. Get down to business. On Treatd, every business owner has the opportunity to represent themselves in the best possible light. So, have an active presence in the community—give recommendations, add extra content to your business listing and respond to comments, questions and reviews. Make the most of the chance speak directly to your customers, patch up any misunderstandings that might crop up and, best of all, build a loyal fan base.
  7. Stay safe. Be wise about the personal information you share when you’re using publicly accessible parts of the website—remember that this information may remain there indefinitely. There are also various functions on Treatd that allow other users to view all your public contributions and reviews in one list, including in the public view of your profile page. If you’re not comfortable with this, you can post content anonymously.



  1. Don’t fake it. Please only write reviews based on your own personal experience and only submit content that you know to be accurate and fair. If you’re a business and you’re thinking about paying someone to write nice things about you, stop right there and check out “7. Keeping it legal”—below.
  2. Don’t be a phoney. Setting up and using a fake profile to submit content, especially to promote your business or criticise another business, is absolutely not permitted. If you misrepresent who you are, claim false credentials or expertise, give potentially harmful advice or mislead people in any other way you could be breaking the law—take a look at “7. Keeping it legal”—below.
  3. Keep the peace. Treatd is not the place for threats, personal attacks, aggressive comments or hateful, bigoted or racist speech. We are a community of people with diverse beliefs, opinions and backgrounds, so please be respectful.
  4. Don’t talk dirty. We want to keep things clean, which means no swear words, no vulgar comments, no sexually explicit language or images and no lewd propositions. Also, please don’t write entirely in CAPS—it may be big, but it’s not clever.
  5. No spam. Any obvious advertising references found in reviews, comments or other content will be deleted immediately. It is not permitted to post links, HTML, provide phone numbers, email addresses or to provide information that is unrelated to the topic in order to solicit personal or financial gain. It’s also forbidden to send bulk messages or submit any other unauthorised content with the purpose of promoting your business or product.
  6. No cheating. Our reputation and points system is there to recognise and reward citizens for writing reviews and contributing their knowledge to the Treatd community. Creating multiple accounts, posting content for the sole purpose of gaining points, soliciting others for points and posting irrelevant or blank content in an effort to be the first to review are all ways of cheating and will be penalised.
  7. Keeping it legal. We don’t want to call in the boys in blue, so make sure you don’t break the law by:
    • Submitting fake reviews or paying someone to submit content that benefits your business
    • Copying other people’s content without permission or proper attribution—please be aware of copyright laws
    • Scamming people into sharing personal information
    • Stealing or borrowing anything from Treatd or other sites (like copyright or trademark material)
    • Breaking or hacking into private unauthorised places, especially if it’s with the intention of causing harm or stealing information
    • Threatening, slandering, making libellous statements, harassing, invading people’s privacy or impersonating others.

We are committed to doing everything we can to protect Treatd from fake reviews. On the rare occasion that we do find bogus content, spam, fake reviews or submissions from fraudulent profiles, we remove them immediately and take steps to ensure that the businesses and users in question are penalised in our rankings on Treatd.

If you are a business owner, commissioning reviews violates the EU Unfair Commercial Practices Directive (UCPD), and the UK UCPD. This means companies and sole traders cannot pay someone else to post reviews or write blogs about their own companies without fully disclosing the fact. Both civil and criminal penalties are possible.


Treatd does not edit the content of reviews, comments or other user generated content on Treatd. However, we reserve the right to remove content that we determine to be inappropriate and/or in violation of the Treatd community guidelines or the terms of use. Depending on the level of offence, violating the community guidelines may result in the termination of your Treatd account without warning.


In addition to the Code of Conduct above, these additional guidelines apply to Providers on Treatd:


All Providers are expected to maintain professionalism at all times on Treatd. Do not bully or post disparaging comments about community members, other Providers, or Treatd.


Do not post any content that violates Data Protection Act (DPA) or other applicable health-privacy laws. Consider the privacy and safety of all community members before posting.


All uploaded photos and videos must adhere the following guidelines:

All uploaded photos MUST:

  • Have proper patient consent for online use.
  • Reflect the doctor’s, beauty or wellness provider’s personal work.
  • Reflect the core treatments and services offered by the provider’s specialty designation and board certification.
  • Contain photos of only one patient per upload with a maximum of two comparable before and after views (e.g. before and after side view and before and after front view)
  • Be less than 6 MB in size and in .png or .jpg format
  • Comply with Treatd policies, guidelines, and terms of service.

Photos and captions will NOT be published if they contain:

  • Unnecessarily exposed genitalia or breasts
  • Graphic photos of minors (under age 18)
  • Promotional content, such as patient testimonials, special offers, self-promotion, website URLs or conjecture regarding patient satisfaction
  • Poor quality or resolution
  • Borders, odd shapes, decorative backgrounds, digital enhancements, airbrushing, fully opaque watermarks, or watermarks obstructing treated body area or which include website URLs
  • Personally Identifiable Information (PII) including file names, names, titles or physical features unrelated to the procedure.


Treatment videos are a way for the Treatd community to learn more about the treatment they are interested in. The videos are a way for providers to give educational information and provide valuable insight into life changing decisions. Treatment videos help users share in the Treatd experience by empowerment through knowledge.

All uploaded Treatment videos MUST:

  • Be less than 250MB, and in .avi, .mov, or .mp4 format
  • Be less than 10 minutes long
  • Reflect treatments offered by the doctor or business practice
  • Answer a medical question that falls within topics currently covered by Treatd
  • Have their usage rights owned by the doctor or practice

Treatment videos will NOT be published if they contain:

  • Website URLs, social media icons, phone numbers, or practice addresses
  • Self-promotional material
  • Special offers, non-copyright treatments or invitations for patient contact
  • Customer testimonials that review the practice, staff, or providers
  • File names, full personal names, titles, or physical features unrelated to the treatment or service
  • Unnecessarily exposed genitalia or breasts
  • Graphic content of minors (under age 18)
  • Watermarks/logos that obscure the treatment area or contain contact information
  • Community guideline violations


Meet the Provider videos are all about the provider. Customers want to know what separates one provider from another. They want to know who you are, and what they can expect when they walk through the doors of your venue. It’s more than just what you offer, it’s the story behind your venue. Customers want to know they can feel comfortable and confident in choosing you as their provider.

All uploaded Meet the Provider videos MUST:

  • Be less than 250MB and in .avi, .mov, or .mp4 format
  • Be less than 10 minutes long
  • Have their usage rights owned by the doctor or practice

Meet the Provider videos will NOT be published if they contain:

  • Website URLs, social media icons, phone numbers, or practice addresses
  • Graphic content of any kind
  • Special offers, non-copyright treatments/services or invitations for customer contact
  • File names, full personal names, or titles
  • Watermarks/logos that contain contact information
  • Community guideline violations



Clearly explain any conflicts of interest, including products, brands and research funded by third parties. For example, if you are receiving money from a brand whose product you endorse, clearly define this relationship in all relevant posts.


You may not solicit or receive reviews from anyone with a personal or professional bias. This includes past and present employees, colleagues and family members. You also may not use third-party services to collect and post reviews on behalf of community members. Ask your Treatd advisor about using Patient Engage to help you obtain reviews from consumers who have received a treatment or other service from you.


The mission of Treatd is to help consumers make confident decisions about medaesthetic & wellness treatments/services and their providers. False reviews, “helpful vote” abuse and other dishonest gaming practices erode trust and will not be tolerated.


Providers who violate Treatd HCP Terms of Service, Provider Code of Conduct, the Code of Conduct or the Photo & Video Guidelines may have their profiles suspended, limited or removed, temporarily or permanently, in Treatd’s sole discretion.


An audit will be initiated in the event that one or more geographically non-competitive peer negatively reports a Provider’s posts or behaviour on Treatd. Treatd may also conduct periodic audits of a Provider’s profile in order to ensure compliance. These community guidelines were written with the best interests of the Treatd community in mind. If you have any additional suggestions on how to improve them, or any other feedback, please send us an email at